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Systems Engineering



The focus of the research area Systems Engineering lies upon the analytical description, modeling and optimization of complex production systems. In this connection, one reverts to methods of Operations Research, which are combined to be Factory Physics in production science. Here, the object of interest is particularly the modeling and optimization of production systems with respect to material flow, assembly controlling and variability aspects.

Moreover, approaches from the field of group technology come into application. These can contribute to recognize similarities between objects. In this context, different methods of pattern matching and Data Mining cover a broad application range in almost all manufacturing company functions and areas that are close to ongoing processes. For instance, the construction and assembly data's recognition can be improved by grouping products and processes according to comparable characteristics.

The application with approaches as mentioned above aims at the identification and exhaustion of rooms for improvement in companies. This way, system performance of complex stream values can be imaged, predicted and optimized. Expert knowledge is based, in particular, in the field of assembly family production, sequence optimization, work load balance in terms of line balance and of standardizing production configurations in the field of construction.


Subject Areas

  • Advanced Process Control (APC)
  • Analytical description of production systems
  • Group technology pattern recognition
  • Optimization procedures


Current Research Projects in the field of Systems Engineering

  • SFB 876 - Teilprojekt B3
    Special Research Field 876: Availability of information with respect to resource confinements
    Subproject B3: Data Mining in sensor-data automated processes
  • variANa
    Project: variANa: Multivariate analysis techniques for choosing the strategy in post series

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David Lenze M.Sc.
Scientific Assistant
Tel.: 0231 755-7977