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Digital Manufacturing

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Nowadays, cross-linked IT-tools become more and more important for planning and optimization of complex manufacturing and assembly structures. These support interdisciplinary tasks and enable the collaboration of all key personnel along the product life cycle. Digital Manufacturing provides an assortment of concerted tools and methods. Industrial engineers are supported in their daily affairs by the uniform access to all kind of planning contents. Based on simultaneous engineering by multiple production planning engineers, it results in a remarkable acceleration of process planning. Digital Manufacturing consolidates all kinds of planning auxiliary tools, which have been regarded individually so far.



Subject Areas

  • Discrete event simulation
  • Simulation of Kinematics
  • Material flow analysis
  • Product and process data modeling
  • CAx systems, e.g. CAPP
  • Digital representation of assembly processes
  • Standardization in production planning
  • Real-time data in production
  • Digital time data management



Current Research Projects in the field of Digital Factory - Montage Process Planning

  • rorarob
    Consortial Project: rorarob - Welding task assistance for tubular and frame constructions by means of a robot system

       Subproject: designing assembly and plant concepts ergonomically, work-organizationally, and safety-technically

  • Pro Mondi
    Consortial Project: Prospective determination of assembly work contents within the Digital Factory (Pro Mondi)

      Subproject: Developing the core method to prospectively determine assembly work contents

  • ErgoKom
    Research Project: Development and technical integration of a valuation method to inquire employees' burdens in consignment systems
  • ReProInPlan
    Standardization Project: Reference process for continuous production planning – Preparation of standardization for information flows and key performance indicators in planning processes

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Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. Julian Schallow
Tel.: 0231 755-7959
Michel Eickelmann M.Sc.
Scientific Assistant
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