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Design of Work Systems

Arbeits-Produktionssysteme1_engl_Work Systems Design


The research area Work System Design deals with socio-technical systems, in which goods and services are produced through cooperation between humans and technology. These systems are termed work systems. It consists of eight system elements such as work task, input and output, as well as human, resources, work plan, workplace design and environmental influences.

The Work Systems Design attempts to harmonize the aims, performance requirements, and performance conditions to such a degree that the work task can be performed productively, economically, and ergonomically without health interferences of the employees. At a higher level, work systems are merged into production systems. The aim of the Work Systems Design at the production level is to structure, develop and control value streams. Hereby, the desire is a 100% value adding process of zero-defect products produced in a continuous one-piece flow according to customer demand. Coming from this preferred ideal, realizable target states are derived and put into practice.


Subject Areas

  • Design of manual work systems
  • Human-Machine-Interfaces
  • Value stream design and continuous improvement
  • Holistic production systems and lean production
  • Development of  industrial engineering competence



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