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Project launch for the new VDMA-guideline “Virtual Commissioning”

The RIF Institut für Forschung und Transfer e.V. and ISW Stuttgart develop the new VDMA-guideline for „virtual commissioning”.


A constructive kick-off workshop on Feb. 27th 2020 marked the start of the development for the new VDMA guideline for "virtual commissioning" (VC). The project is carried out by the RIF Institut für Forschung und Transfer e.V. in cooperation with the Institute for Control Engineering of Machine Tools and Manufacturing Units (ISW) at the University of Stuttgart is supported by an advisory board comprising leading industry- and university-representatives in the topic complex VC.


Virtual commissioning uses digital models of a real plant, including control- and software components, to accelerate and improve commissioning for the end customer. It serves the machine builder to parallelize and secure steps of the product development process up to the real commissioning. It enables manufacturers and customers alike to detect errors or defects earlier and more easily before delivery.


The goal is to develop a guideline for decision-makers in mechanical and plant engineering inall areas of the value chain. The guideline will provide a compact overview of the VC topic for new users, offer assistance introducing VC in a company from a technical and process perspective as well as enabling a well-founded financial evaluation.


The first joint workshop with the advisory board defined the content and conceptual framework, the development of the guideline contents is now in full swing.


Further information can be found in the webinar recording of the VDMA on the topic of VC (german) .

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