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Students with outstanding examination results receive exclusive and close-up insights into the entry possibilities and subject areas of the IPS.


On 6 May, 12 selected students from the Faculties of mechanical Engineering, Statistics and Computer Science took part in the 1st Talent Afternoon at the Institute of Production Systems. They had previously been selected and exclusively invited for their outstanding exam performances at the IPS in the last winter semester 2018/19.

Over coffee and cake, Prof. Deuse, with the support of his scientific staff and assistants, provided information on the Institute's topics and career opportunities on the premises of the Industrial Engineering Training Centre. The students had the opportunity to ask questions directly to the institute management as well as to the employees of the institute and to inform themselves comprehensively. In addition, there was the opportunity to see the numerous technical demonstrators from current research projects live and in action.

Due to the positive response, there will be another talent afternoon in the coming semester, when we are looking forward to a lively exchange with the students. As direct feedback of the first edition, we were able to welcome new student and scientific assistants to the institute and hope to have given the other participants a good insight into our work.