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Industrial Data Science - Students experience the Marl Chemical Park up close and personal

On July 31st, 2019, students from the Technical University of Dortmund visited Evonik Industries at the Marl Chemical Park as a part of the "Industrial Data Science" course and gained insights into chemical production processes.


The research project "Industrial Data Science" focuses on the development of an innovative teaching concept for the qualification of young academics and specialists from industry. In the summer semester of 2019, students were assigned to various industrial problems, which were dealt in interdisciplinary teams from the fields of statistics, computer science and engineering.

In cooperation with Evonik Industries, the development of an automated learning plant monitoring system for batch processes was worked out by students: Using machine learning methods, optimal strategies for the process of a plant were developed from historical data.

Upon the completion of the project, the students were invited by Evonik Industries to visit the Marl Chemical Park, which is one of the largest chemical sites in Germany: Guided tours of real production plants by plant managers provided in-depth insights into everyday processes and production technology backgrounds. Enriched with details from the employees' numerous years of experience, the acrylic acid production, the plant’s own pilot plant, and the data science department were not only visited, but also experienced up close. During a common lunch, the experienced impressions could be processed, further questions asked and impressions collected so that is was possible to achieve an animated exchange.

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