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Dealing with increasing product complexity and variant diversity is a core task of industrial production. Therefore the IE-TC has a variety of products whose complexity varies greatly depending on the research focus or training aim, providing a production environment that is always close to reality. An example of a complex product is the two-stage gearbox, whose work content is approx. 4 minutes and whose structure enables the formation of different pre-assembly groups. Due to these characteristics, it is very well suited, for example to provide students with a clearer understanding of the influence of the assembly sequence with regard to workplace design or line balancing and sequence planning.

Our pump, which is a real product of WILO AG, is manufactured as a series product in industry and therefore has a much more stringent installation sequence than the two-stage gearbox. The primary field of application of our pump is the investigation of questions from human-robot interaction. Such an example has been realized, for example with the aid of the LBR demonstrator, in which the pump is mounted in close cooperation between man and robot.

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