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The Adpet cell is a demonstrator for enabling legacy systems to cyber-physical production systems with the help of retrofitting and their integration in the Internet of Things (IoT) through to the development of services such as condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.


Application scenario

The core process is the transport and handling of solar wafers by pneumatic gripping using an Adept Quattro s650 Delta robot. On a conveyor belt, disoriented wafers are detected by an optical system, picked up by the Delta robot using suction pads and placed in a workpiece carrier. Three linear axes, a rotation axis and another suction pad transport the wafers back to the beginning of the conveyor belt and replace them randomly onto the conveyor belt before they are picked up again by the robot. This combination enables continuous operation of the system. As a typical brownfield system, there are numerous possibilities for demonstrating the possibilities of low-cost retrofitting, integration into the IoT, condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.

Furthermore, the demonstrator shows possibilities for increasing the acceptance of industry 4.0 solutions through intuitive operability and transparent display of data flows and forecast models. The technology demonstrator shows an approach to give new users easy access to machine learning with the help of an IoT reference architecture and standardized data mining modules in a graphical programming interface.

Adept-Robot06 Adept-Robot02

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Rene Wöstmann, M.Sc.
Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter und Fachbereichleiter
Tel.: 0231 755-5733