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Institute of Production Systems


The Institute of Production Systems (IPS) was founded as a scientific institution of the department Mechanical Engineering at the TU Dortmund University. The head of the Institute is Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jochen Deuse. In the Institute of Production Systems, there are approximately 80 members in employment. About 60 of them are scientists in the disciplines mechanical engineering, industrial engineering and management, logistics, computer science, electrical engineering, and physics.

The Institute's research focuses on and design and optimization of technical and socio-technical work systems. The resulting areas of research are the following:



Besides teaching and research as mentioned earlier on, the Institute offers a variety of consulting and development for services within the scope of industrial research.

Learn more about the IPS in our Image Film.



Announcements and events

KOMPI at automatica 2018 – Virtual robot attracts a lot of visitors

Augmented Reality

16.07.2018 – Human-Robot Collaboration (HRC) was the focus of attention at this year's automatica trade fair in Munich.

KOMPI demonstrated the HRC planning process – beginning with the selection of a suitable workstation up to the digital cardboard assembly incorporating a virtual robot.


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Learn more about the Institute of Production Systems (IPS):

Our Image Film shows you who we are, what our aims are and how we work.

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