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SySMaG: Planning framework for the standardisation of material supply online

Efficient logistical processes in large-scale production. Successful competion of the research project SySMaG.


An important requirement for the market competition of manufacturing companies is an efficient material supply. Especially companies with large-scale production tend to have an unstructured material supply which leads to a low degree of standardisation as well as a lack of transparency concerning the material flow. The mentioned disadvantages are often caused by the dominating manufacturing process in these companies which is fixed position manufacturing. While the principles of lean management play an important role in mass production, large-scale production shows a lower usage. As a consequence the working time of the assembler has a high nonvalue-adding share, since the provision of the material requires long walking distances and high search times for needed components. To face these disadvatages the SySMaG resarch project has developed a planning framework for a standardised material supply in large-scale production to maximise the degree of added value in assembly and logistical processes.

The developed planning framework consists of three modules. The first module is the similarity-based derivation of a database by using proximity analyses. This way it is possible to identify order-independent similarities between a new sales order and completed sales orders and to transfer the known planning characteristics to the new order.
The core of the planning framework is the arrangement of the material on the assembly object. For this purpose, different material supply strategies were defined and an algorithm was developed with which the components can be arranged in the optimum way for the material supply in terms of throughput time and area. Finally, the calculated material arrangement is translated into standardised standard operation sheets that are simultaneously quantified over time.

 The planning framework developed at the IPS empowers companies with large-scale production to standardise their assembly and logistical processes and to significantly increase the value-adding time share of assembly employees.

The final report of the research project is available online on the GvB website.

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