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NIRO members examined existing automation potentials at the member company Eisenbau Krämer in Kreuztal

The Institute of Production Systems (IPS) at the Technical University in Dortmund met with NIRO members at the NIRO member company Eisenbau Krämer GmbH in Kreuztal on 9th September, 2019 to assess the automation potential at a workplace using the Quick-Check Tool.

Robotic applications play a decisive role in the discussion about industry 4.0. But for which workstations does automation offer the more sensible and efficient solution?

The Institute of Production Systems (IPS) at the TU Dortmund invited NIRO member companies to a workshop in May 2019 as a prelude to the topic of robotic applications. At this workshop, the Quick-Check Tool was presented, which can be used to clarify automation potentials and potentials of human-robot collaboration (HRC).

In the concrete continuation of the workshop, production experts met on 9th September, 2019 at the NIRO member company Eisenbau Krämer in Kreuztal, Germany, to take a detailed look at the processes and apply the tool from the workshop at a workstation in quality assurance where the measurement of pipes is carried out and to check the potential of the integration of HRC.

The event began with a production inspection of Eisenbau Krämer GmbH.

The NIRO team then devoted itself to the processes of the workstation to be analysed in detail and, with the help of the Quick-Check Tool developed by IPS, examined to what extent it was possible to supplement or replace it with robotics. The results were then discussed, the tool evaluated and enriched with suggestions for expansion. The discussion focused on how important it is to take a very detailed look at all individual sub-processes in order to be able to determine the potential of automation and HRC of the entire workplace reliably.

The participants praised the exchange in a collegial group and the opportunity to take a look beyond their own production. A continuation of the cooperation between the Institute of Production Systems and the NIRO member companies is planned.

NIRO would like to thank the two speakers Tatjana Seckelmann and Vanessa Weßkamp from IPS for their professional support and moderation of the event and Eisenbau Krämer for their hospitality and the provision of a suitable workplace. NIRO is looking forward to the next meeting.

Here you will get to the website of KOMPI, where the Quick-Check Tool is provided. We would like to thank NIRO for the editorial preparation of this report.