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IPS presents results on Technical Cleanliness 4.0 at the 10th Specialist Congress Technical Cleanliness in Assembly and Production Processes

What began in 2009 with around 60 participants and 3 exhibitors has developed into a major industry meeting with around 170 participants and 23 exhibitors. The IPS was actively involved in the TecSa 4.0 workshop as a table captain and gave a lecture on "Knowing particles - avoiding particles".


Particles increase the probability of initial failures in productions in the automotive, mechanical engineering and medical industries. More and more companies are therefore concerned with technical cleanliness. At the 10th Congress on Technical Cleanliness in Assembly and Production Processes, around 170 participants and 23 exhibitors dealt with all aspects of maintaining and producing this quality feature. 


In cooperation with Dr-Ing. Sebastian Richarz (Schlote Group), Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. Ronny Zwinkau gave a lecture on the automated classification of particle images with regard to their formation in the value chain and presented a system for controlling technical cleanliness. Mr. Richarz presented the application of the innovative approach to the Schlote Group and highlighted the rewarding cooperation with IPS.


Interested companies can test the automated classification of particle images at www.partikel-art.de/.


Mrs. Britta Corzilius M.Sc. led together with Mr. Dr-Ing. Richarz the workshop "TecSa 4.0", which found active participation. The main focus here was on which aspects of technical cleanliness can be changed, starting with the definition of limit values, through measurement & analysis to the derivation and control of improvements, using current possibilities from the context of Industry 4.0. The IPS was able to establish extensive contacts and received valuable input for further research activities in the context of technical cleanliness.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank SV Events for their support. In particular, the fact that we were also able to give students access to the event supports the practical teaching at the IPS.