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The IPS researches and works on the interface of human, organization and technology of innovative fields of researches. Besides the interdisciplinary composition of the team project, the IPS puts emphasis on the linking of research and education as a close cooperation with the economy and industry. Stable connections as well as extensive laboratory equipment offer ideal conditions for innovative, creative and practical development of new products, technologies and services. Especially the combination of domain knowledge of the Industrial Engineering with the discipline of (Industrial) Data Science represents a particular strength of the IPS.

Gruppenfoto Trainingscenter Are you in need of a competent as well as dedicated partner for your research idea in the field of Industrial Engineering? Please contact us to get the opportunity to discuss about a possible cooperation.
CBRA0320 Are you willed to participate in the development of innovative products and technologies with your company and address your specific requirements and problems to the research? You are most welcome to get information on current research ideas and potential ways of a participation and cooperation.





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Sekretariat IPS
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