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DaPro (Project of the cooperation partner RIF e.V..)

Data driven process optimization in the beverage industry based on machine learning

(Project duration: january 2019 to december 2021; Project processing by cooperation partner RIF e.V., Production Systems Department)

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Problem Definition

Increased price and competitive pressure as well as initiatives to increase energy and resource efficiency present the beverage industry with major challenges for rationalization. In the presentation, the possibilities and limits of existing approaches to data-based process optimization will be presented and it will be shown that new approaches to data analysis are required for biochemical processes with complex combinations of different influencing variables. For this reason, the DaPro research consortium was established to explore data driven process optimization in the beverage industry based on machine learning.


The aim of the DaPro research project is to develop a modular reference architecture for collaborative data usage in the beverage industry to enable data-driven process optimization. The close cooperation between industrial users, machinery and plant engineers enables the development of innovative, data-driven process optimizations and promotes the digitization efforts of the process industry. The focus is on the development of a toolbox of data mining modules as well as an IoT reference architecture for the beverage industry. At the same time, exemplary use cases will be defined and implemented by the application partners. Practical examples allow the development of specific analytic modules and the validation of created solution patterns.


Procedure and Division of Labour

The joint project is designed for a duration of three years. At the beginning the basics for the development of the reference architecture have to be worked out. For this purpose the actual state of the beverage industry is assessed and the requirements for the reference architecture are defined. Subsequently, the reference architecture will be conceptualized and designed. This includes the creation of different data mining modules within a toolbox, the consideration of different usage scenarios as well as the development of relevant competencies. At the same time, the design of practical use cases and their implementation takes place. The results obtained within the framework of the application serve both for the further development of the general methodology and for its validation. The results are transferred into science and practice.

Research, Development and Application Partners

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Secretariat IPS
Tel.: 0231 755-2652


This research and development project is/was funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi) under the programme "Strategische Einzelprojekte – Daten als Wirtschaftsgut" (funding code 01MT19004D) and supervised by DLR Projektträger.                                                                                                                                          



Technologieprogramm Smarte Datenwirtschaft

DLR Projektträger