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Work System Design


The research area Work System Design focuses on socio-technical work systems. An important feature of work systems is the value-creating interaction of man and technology. In this context, the research area pursues the goal of further developing the areas of work organization and design, human-technology interaction and competence development. A key requirement is the continuous transfer of results in order to guarantee productive, economical and ergonomic design of industrial work systems in the future.

Further success factors of work system design are the consideration of production system related framework conditions, the current developments in the area of industry 4.0 as well as increasing digitalization. For this reason, research at IPS has an increasingly interdisciplinary focus with important interfaces to the research areas Production System Dynamics, Digital Manufacturing and Smart Quality.

Current research projects in the field of Work System Design

  • AIM:
    Work assistance system for the individualisation of work design and method training
  • InDaS:
    Industrial Data Science – Qualification concept for machine learning in industrial production
  • KoMPI:
    Execution-based, digital planning of collaborative human-robot assembly systems and integration into variable production scenarios
    Modular, open and internet-based platform for robot applications in industry and service
  • SySMaG:
    Development of a planning system for the standardized provision of materials in the complex, variant-rich assembly of large equipment with small quantities

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