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Digital Manufacturing


For the planning and optimization of complex product and production structures, integrated IT tools are becoming increasingly important. These tools support interdisciplinary work and enable the cooperation of all key players along the product life cycle. In addition to the digital planning of production systems, the Digital Manufactring research area focuses on digital operation on the Internet of Things and Services based on it, as well as collaborations in value-added networks. One basis for this is a standardized modelling of production systems, which, in combination with real-time acquisition of production data, creates the basis for the digital twin.

Current research projects in the field of Digital Manufacturing

    Connected and integrated application of Industrial Data Analytics for value-creating, competence-oriented collaboration in dynamic value creation networks
  • DaPro (Projekt des Kooperationspartners RIF e.V.)
    Data driven process optimization in the beverage industry based on machine learning
  • GaProSys 4.0 (Project processing by cooperation partner RIF e.V.)
    Development of a selection system for methods of a "Lean Production System 4.0" for small and medium-sized companies (SME)
    Personalized hybrid assembly as a Service
  • STEPS (Project processing by cooperation partner RIF e.V.)
    Socio-technical design and implementation of Cyber-Physical Production Systems in non-R&D-intensive companies

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